Sword Art Online Season 2

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Sword Art Online Season 2

Die 2. Staffel der Animeserie Sword Art Online wurde erstmals im Jahr in Japan ausgestrahlt. Die 24 Episoden teilen sich in die Handlungsbögen Phanto..​. Sword Art Online (jap. ソードアート・オンライン, Sōdo Āto Onrain) ist eine Light​-Novel-Reihe Der Inhalt der Bände 1 und 2 wurde leicht verändert von der Webversion Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season. Playback Region 2:This will not play on most DVD players sold in the U.S., U.S. Sword Art Online Complete Season 1 Collection (Episodes ) [DVD].

Kirigaya Kazuto

April und dem Juni in Japan ausgestrahlt wurde. In Deutschland wurde die Serie zeitgleich auf Wakanim. Playback Region 2:This will not play on most DVD players sold in the U.S., U.S. Sword Art Online Complete Season 1 Collection (Episodes ) [DVD]. Aktuell tobt in Sword Art Online der Krieg um Underworld - doch wie sieht die Wakanim (Staffel 1, 2 & Alicization, Movie, Extra Edition, GerDub und Nach einer Season Pause geht es dann im April mit den letzten

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Doch damit Sword Art Online Season 2 genug: Die Sword Art Online Season 2 sind frei whlbar und es knnen auch mehrere Bilder kombiniert werden, Eigenproduktionen und Einkufe starten im Bester Bürostuhl 2021 bei Netflix. - Alle 4 Staffeln von Sword Art Online

Bei ihrer Ankunft rannte Asuna impulsiv hinein, um ihnen zu helfen, und Kirito folgte ihr schnell.
Sword Art Online Season 2 Main Sword Art Online II Cast. Kirito / Kazuto Kirigaya. voiced by Bryce Papenbrook and 3 others. Sinon / Shino Asada. voiced by Michelle Ruff and 4 others. Asuna Yuuki. voiced by Cherami Leigh and 2 others. Yuuki Konno. voiced by Erica Mendez and 2 others. Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date: Jul. 05, Nearly a year after the Sword Art Online incident, a new virtual reality MMORPG known as Gun Gale Online has taken Japan by storm. The second season of Sword Art Online, titled Sword Art Online II, is an anime series adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. It was produced by A-1 Pictures, and directed by Tomohiko Itō. The second part of the anime, titled Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld, adapts from the novel's fifteenth volume, Alicization Invading, to the eighteenth volume, Alicization Lasting. Watch all seasons and episodes of Sword Art Online and enter a future virtual reality MMORPG where players control their avatars in the game with nerve gear technology. Weil CGI sah das ganze so schlecht aus, auch Sound war schlecht. Kategorien : Light-Novel-Zyklus Literatur Es gibt keine Hilfe von System, aber Kino Passau scheint nicht so, als wenn es damit irgendwelche Probleme gibt. TV Guide. The next day, Kirito receives a black sword made from a branch of Gigas Cedar. After logging in with the super-account representing the Dark Emperor Vector, he quickly gains control of the army of the Dark Territory. Episodes Season 1 2 3 Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night. They Lilyhammer Stream to discuss what the enemy is after. After accidentally addressing Asuna as her older sister, Yuuki unexpectedly starts crying and abruptly logs out. Needing a seventh Asuna agrees to join them. Kirito reveals that he defeated Musketeer X and took her weapons prior to saving Sinon from Death Gun. After winning the match, Kirito returns to the waiting area, where he encounters Death Gun, who Lefty Ab Auf Die Bretter Kirito Netlflix he is Senta Lemke "real deal". With the group's help, Thor defeats Thrym once and for all, rewarding Klein with the golden hammer Mjölnir. Retrieved May 22, They need Asuna's help in defeating the boss of the Listiger Lurch Floor with their party alone, to have all of their names permanently etched on the Monument of Swordsmen on the 1st Floor, since they will not be able to adventure together after winter. Story arc 3: Phantom Bullet. Share this page:. At the hospital, Asuna meets Yuuki's primary care physician Doctor Kurahashi, who Hdfilme.Net that the Medicuboid is designed for patients in terminal care, and that Yuuki suffers from AIDS due to an infection via blood transfusion during her mother's labor complications. Im Ego-Shooter-Nachfolger von Sword Art Online, Gun Gale Online dürfen sich zu SAO Season 1 geschrieben habe wäre auch zu Season 2 eine schreiben. Sword Art Online II ist ein Anime des Studios»A-1 Pictures Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Sword Art Online: Season 2 - Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] September. Die 2. Staffel der Animeserie Sword Art Online wurde erstmals im Jahr in Japan ausgestrahlt. Die 24 Episoden teilen sich in die Handlungsbögen Phanto..​. Episodenführer Season 2: Sword Art Online II – Kirito wird von einem Geheimagenten der Regierung um Hilfe gebeten: Er soll bei einer bislang ungeklärten .

S2, Ep5. To bait out Death Gun, Kirito enters Bullet of Bullets, a tournament to decide the most powerful gunman in GGO. S2, Ep6. After witnessing Kirito's win in his first preliminary match, Death Gun asks Kirito if he is the real deal.

Before he can answer Kirito notices his tattoo of Laughing Coffin and wonders if he's run into him before. S2, Ep7. Suguha confronts Kazuto about his activities in the online world as he grapples with having killed people in the Sword Art Online incident.

S2, Ep8. Certain that Death Gun is competing in the BoB final, Kirito approaches Sinon beforehand about exchanging information, and begins to investigate the new players in the tournament.

S2, Ep9. Kirito and Sinon hunt Death Gun through the Bullet of Bullets tournament. Asuna realizes the danger Kirito is in and sets out to find answers.

S2, Ep Sinon is attacked from outta nowhere by Death Gun. Luckily Kirito manages to rescue her, but they are pursued by Death Gun. As Kirito and Sinon lay low in a desert cave, Kirito ponders on how Death Gun murdered the other players.

With the Bullet of Bullets tournament coming to a close, Kirito and Sinon set a trap for Death Gun, but another player might jeopardize it. With Kirito is losing to Death Gun, Sinon looks for a way to save him.

The Bullet of Bullets tournament comes to a close. Sinon confronts her inner demons. Kirito returns to ALO, bringing Asada with him, in order to obtain the sword, Excalibur.

At the entrance to Thrymheim, Yui explains that the quest they were given was created by the Cardinal System's Automatic Quest Generation Function and that if they did not succeed in their quest, a final war event, Ragnarok, would be triggered.

Sometime later, at the end of the second floor of Thrymheimr, the group encounters two minotaurs, and they are forced to rely on Sword Skills that could deal elemental damage to them in addition to physical damage, but also leave the player rigid for a few seconds after the skill is used up.

With Kirito revealing his new After clearing the first two stages the ice giant of the third stage proves more than the group can handle.

Freyja tells Kirito the secret to defeating him. After hearing that a new update from New Year's Eve opens up floors of new Aincrad, Kirito and the others race to reach floor 22 with the hope of once again purchasing the home he shared with Asuna and Yui.

Asuna has a confrontation with her mother about her current schooling, and goes on to duel Zekken. Zekken, leader of the Sleeping Knights guild wants to defeat a powerful floor boss.

Needing a seventh Asuna agrees to join them. Asuna and Sleeping Knights prepare to raid the 27th Floor Boss, but have to take out a rival guild blocking their way.

Media Arts Database. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Retrieved July 18, May 17, Retrieved May 17, TV Guide. Archived from the original on May 12, Retrieved May 9, Retrieved 15 February Dengeki Online.

June 29, Retrieved June 30, Retrieved March 31, XFINITY TV Go. Adult Swim. Sword Art Online in Japanese. Retrieved July 21, Sword Art Online by Reki Kawahara.

Light novels Manga. Episodes Season 1 2 3 Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night.

Infinity Moment Hollow Fragment Code Register Lost Song Hollow Realization Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight Integral Factor Fatal Bullet.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Season 2. List of Sword Art Online episodes. Story arc 3: Phantom Bullet. March 28, [21]. A new virtual reality game known as "Gun Gale Online" GGO is promoted via streamed broadcast, featuring top-ranked player named XeXeeD.

In a bar, a cloaked man nicknamed "Death Gun" fires a bullet from his pistol through the video screen, causing XeXeeD to suddenly convulse and disconnect.

A month later, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki hang out at a park, discussing the differences between the real and virtual worlds.

Kikuoka, believing that Death Gun is specifically targeting professional Gun Gale Online players, begs Kazuto to once again take up the role of " Kirito " and investigate the situation.

In the present, Kazuto and Asuna talk about how the vertical structure of Aincrad in "Sword Art Online" SAO represents the axis of time and the plane of space.

She later assists squadron leader Dyne and squadron member Ginrou in an ambush against another squadron, whose bodyguard named Behemoth is equipped with a minigun.

When Sinon and Behemoth are the only ones remaining on the battlefield, Sinon shoots down Behemoth with her sniper rifle while falling from the sky, earning her victory in the gunfight despite suffering severe damage to her left leg.

In "ALfheim Online" ALO , Leafa , Silica and Lisbeth defeat a plant monster, while Kirito prepares to say something to Asuna. When she was eleven years old, she shot a robber to death with his own gun at a post office when her mother was threatened to be killed.

This flashback triggers a terrifying panic attack for Shino. Meanwhile, Kirito informs Asuna that he is going to be playing GGO for a couple of days.

Kazuto goes to the hospital to log in to GGO using a new gaming console called the "AmuSphere", while his body will be monitored by nurse Natsuki Aki.

While Shino logs in to GGO as well, Death Gun overhears an online voice chat discussion about him. He grins after looking at a photo of Sinon.

In GGO, Kirito becomes baffled that his avatar has feminine qualities. He wanders around the city and spots Sinon, who mistakes him as a girl. He explains that he needs to go to the General Governor's Office to sign up for the Bullet of Bullets BoB , a player versus player tournament.

Sinon directs Kirito to a market to buy weaponry and armor, but first he must earn more credits. He participates in a gambling arcade game, in which a player must run up and tag the gunman while dodging the bullets fired, in order to receive the jackpot, and he succeeds in doing so, thanks to his skills in agility.

Kirito ultimately decides to purchase a photon sword , and Sinon convinces him to buy an FN Five-seven semi-automatic pistol as a "beginner firearm".

Realizing that they only have ten minutes to get to the General Governor's Office before it closes, they spot a buggy rental station nearby.

Kirito commandeers a buggy and rides with Sinon onto the highway. Impressed and exhilarated with his driving abilities, Sinon tells Kirito to go faster.

Kirito and Sinon arrive in time at the terminals of the General Governor's Office to register for the BoB. Kirito leaves his contact information blank, and ends up in the same block as Sinon in the qualifiers.

While waiting for the them to begin, Kirito reveals his gender after an embarrassing incident with Sinon in the changing room, and this creates a rift between them.

Sinon explains the rules of the tournament and expects to see Kirito in the final rounds. Kirito is transferred to his first battle against opponent Uemaru, in which Kirito uses his speed and photon sword to deflect bullets, something no other player had ever thought to attempt before.

After winning the match, Kirito returns to the waiting area, where he encounters Death Gun, who asks Kirito if he is the "real deal". Kirito recognizes Death Gun as a former member of the SAO guild of murderous red players, Laughing Coffin.

Death Gun vows to kill Kirito someday, whether or not he is the "real deal". Kirito recalls a time when he and his party fought against Laughing Coffin in SAO, feeling anguished that he personally killed three members of Laughing Coffin during the fight.

Sinon later finds Kirito stricken with trauma, but he is transferred to his next battle before confiding in her. Kirito wins against his opponent Ginko, while Sinon wins against her opponent Stinger, so Kirito and Sinon are up against each other in the final round in the qualifiers for their block.

As Kirito calmly approaches Sinon from a distance, Sinon repeatedly misses her shot. She personally confronts him about his promise to not hold back against her during their battle.

Kirito challenges Sinon to a duel, photon sword versus sniper rifle. He slices her bullet in half from only yards away and charges at her, holding his photon sword to her neck.

He predicted that she was aiming for his legs by watching her eyes, shocking her greatly. He lets her go and convinces her to surrender the match, but she states that their battle in the finals will be different.

At home, Kazuto's sister Suguha Kirigaya shows Kazuto a news article about the BoB, in which Suguha has already found out from Asuna that Kazuto converted from ALO to GGO.

Kirito assures Suguha to not worry about him, since he will return to ALO as soon as he finishes his work in GGO. Back at the hospital, Kazuto tells Aki about how he killed the three members of Laughing Coffin, but she reminds him that he killed them to protect others, before he logs in to GGO again.

In ALO, Asuna, Leafa, Klein , Silica, Lisbeth and Yui work together to defeat a lizard monster before getting ready to watch a live broadcast of the BoB.

In GGO, Sinon meets Kirito at the General Governor's Office, and they tell each other that they will not lose.

Kirito believes that Death Gun will be under the guise of an alias and use the tournament to stage another murder. Sinon later explains to Kirito the rules and regulations of the battle royale round of the BoB, and she says that there are three players other than him out of thirty players who have not participated in the previous tournaments.

Kirito indirectly confides in Sinon about his reason for entering the tournament. During the battle royale, Sinon decides to target Dyne as well as Pale Rider, one of the first-time tournament players.

When Sinon prepares to snipe Dyne near a bridge, Kirito stops her and tells her to watch the duel between Dyne and Pale Rider.

Kirito and Sinon witness as Pale Rider uses his acrobatic skills to defeat Dyne, but Pale Rider is suddenly shot with a silenced stun bullet.

Death Gun reveals himself at the bridge and prepares to finish off Pale Rider. However, Kirito urges Sinon to shoot Death Gun before Death Gun shoots Pale Rider.

Sinon attempts to shoot Death Gun, but he dodges the bullet and kills Pale Rider with his pistol. Asuna, Leafa, Klein, Silica, Lisbeth and Yui also realize that Death Gun is a part of Laughing Coffin.

Sinon deduces that Death Gun traveled underwater in the river, while Kirito says that Death Gun headed north. Asuna logs out of ALO to find Kikuoka for answers.

Kirito and Sinon reach the end of the river and try to find the two other first-time tournament players, Musketeer X and Sterben. They locate Musketeer X at a stadium and decide to split up, but before Sinon takes her position, she is suddenly shot with a stun bullet.

Death Gun, revealed to be Sterben, appears and proclaims that he is going to kill her. She is shocked when Death Gun pulls out his Type 54 pistol , coincidentally the same type of gun that she used to kill the robber at the post office when she was eleven years old.

Kirito intercepts Death Gun, injuring him with a sniper rifle and chasing him off with a smoke grenade. Kirito carries Sinon to a buggy rental station and commandeers a buggy, while telling her to shoot the only functional mechanical horse to make it unusable.

However, Sinon is unable to exert force on the trigger due to psychological trauma, which allows Death Gun to catch up and take control of the mechanical horse.

During the subsequent chase, Death Gun fires at Kirito and Sinon with his pistol, terrifying the latter. When Sinon tries to shoot at Death Gun, Kirito is forced to help her pull the trigger.

Though the shot misses Death Gun, it hits the fuel tank of a truck, which explodes and forces Death Gun to abandon his horse.

Kirito and Sinon escape into the desert, where they find a cave to take cover for a while. Kirito reveals that he defeated Musketeer X and took her weapons prior to saving Sinon from Death Gun.

Kirito tells Sinon to not throw her life away by facing Death Gun on her own, much to her rebellion. They each confess their traumatic memories of who they killed in the past.

Kirito tells Sinon that he is trying to accept the weight of his traumatic memories as a means of closure. Kirito and Sinon try to figure out how Death Gun is able to shoot a player in the virtual world and kill the same player in the real world.

They have the idea that Death Gun may have used his camouflage mantle to peek at the players' contact information in the terminals, which is a violation of etiquette and privacy.

However, Kirito realizes that Death Gun is two people, in which one of them shoots the player in the virtual world, while the other kills the player in the real world by injecting them with succinylcholine.

In ALO, Kikuoka logs in as Chrysheight , who confirms the current situation to Asuna, Leafa, Klein, Silica, Lisbeth and Yui.

Although they are upset that Kirito took on this assignment by himself, they come to realize that he did not want them to get involved in the matter.

In GGO, Kirito and Sinon decide on a course of action, with Kirito as the decoy and Sinon as the surprise attack.

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Sword Art Online Season 2 A year after escaping Sword Art Online, Kazuto Kirigaya has been settling back into the real world. However, his peace is short-lived as a new incident occurs in a game called Gun Gale Online, where a player by the name of Death Gun appears to be killing people in the real world by shooting them in-game/10(2). 4/24/ · Stream or Watch Sword Art Online II (Dub) free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | ソードアート・オンライン II, Sword Art Online II, ['Phantom Bullet', 'SAO II', 'Sword Art Online 2', 'SAO 2'] Sypnosis: A year after escaping Sword Art Online, Kazuto Kirigaya has been settling back into the real world. However, his peace is short-lived as a new . 12/27/ · Regarder Sword Art Online Saison 2 en streaming HD gratuit sans illimité VF et Vostfr. Synopsis: Dans un futur proche, un jeu de rôle en ligne multijoueur en réalité virtuelle (VRMMORPG) appelé Sword Art Online a été lancé. Il permet aux joueurs de contrôler leurs avatars avec leur corps grâce à une technologie appelée: Nerve Gear.5/5(5).


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